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I started use Photoshop in 1992. After a few years I got bored and moved on to photograph as pure as possible. Sometimes however it is fun to play around like in this case.




Self portait 2002

From the performance Stigmata III

Mia performing the performance Stigmata III, at "Street" in Stockholm 2005.
Performance written and directed by Per E Riksson, Performed by Mia Moore.



Fotografiska 2010

From an event at Fotografiska (the photomuseum of Stockholm) 2011.

Life Style Merchandise in Stockholm

Upcoming event i Stockholm. The alternative lifestyle fair next month. FKM photos will hang on a wall. More info later or follow the link, click on the banner.


A comment to the Nuclear Blast in Japan yesterday. My dear brother is there and I can only hope that he studied all those 80ies comic books well so he knows what to do.

And my thoughts goes to the people of Nippon that wakes up to the rising sun and nuclear weather.


Aestetics 1978

1978 I went to England, 13 years old I finaly got in touch with Punk Rock (Ive read some notes in the swedish newspapers). Not that I saw Sex Pistols or anything. But I got the first taste of a new world. Ever since its been a part of my world view and aesthetics. What ever I since added to it I always got this Punk thing along with me.

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From the Book Fucking Kiss Me! (The Punk Rock Edition)
Per E Riksson